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NEW Cardio Shred! Everything You Need to Know

Introducing our NEW CARDIO SHRED classes!

Cardio Shred is essentially HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). And you're going to LOVE it!


We'll be offering 3 different types of Cardio Shred HIIT classes. Here's what Coach Kyle has to say about each type:

1. Strength - Your strength class is "strength-focused" in that we will be using heavier weights and less reps to accomplish muscle growth. This includes running on an incline at a slower pace, too!

2. Endurance - Endurance workouts are focused on longevity, which means that athletes will work at a faster pace for a longer time. These workouts generally have less weight and more body weight movements.

3. Power - Power workouts are designed to increase your heart rate in intervals. Athletes will give 100% max effort for short duration and receive more breaks in between workouts and movements. E-S-P workouts are blend of all three components for a full body workout.


Cardio Shred classes are officially on the schedule starting Tuesday, September 4th! You can view our live schedule here and register for a drop-in class!


Over the last few months, you may have noticed our gym changing! We have purchased up to $10,000 in new equipment to make our regular classes better and to introduce Cardio Shred. This includes treadmills, a rogue bike, kettle bells, dumbbells, benches, ab dollies, sleds, and new climbing ropes - To name some of it!


For a complete list of Cardio Shred and other membership pricing, click here!

We're so excited for you to join us in our new classes, whether you're new to 15:13 or an existing member! If you still have more questions about what to expect from Cardio Shred, please contact us:

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